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       from a dream to reality...       




Thirty three years ago Elderberry opened its doors in Station Road, Whitley Bay, and since then has helped thousands of customers produce wines and beers of excellent quality.

It was started by Alan Gough a mapping surveyor and geodetic astronomer who had been introduced to the skills of brewing in the deserts of Saudi Arabia while fixing the border between Saudi and Yemen in 1980. Further stints in the Sahara helped me hone my skills in turning unlikely ingredients into wine and beer.

In 1983, with a Geordie wife and a young family, Alan settled down, opening a shop in Whitley Bay and began passing on his knowledge to the burgeoning home brewing industry in the North East. Other shops have come and gone and now Elderberry is the main supplier in the region both of materials for brewing and just as important, help and advice to new and more experienced brewers.

Over the years Alan has entered and won awards in most of the local and national competitions and this experience is available in our shop, either face to face or in the form of written notes. Any problems can be dealt with by phone, either by myself or our new manager Joe Clancy.

We are now entering a new phase in the development of the business with the introduction of a mail order section. This will enable wine and beer makers from outside the area to share in the expertise that Elderberry provides and to buy their ingredients and kits at a competitive price.

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