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Brigadier Amber Ale is one for 4 NEW Limited Edition beers from Festival which celebrate the best of British beer. Inspired by Bombardier Amber Ale, Brigadier is one to raise your glass to.


rigadier Amber Ale

See: Amber-brown with a white head

Aroma: A bold malty backbone interlaced with bright citrus and earthy hop aromas.

Taste: Intricate medium bodied malt forward ale. Satisfyingly bitter with a characterful hop fruitiness that finishes off the palate.

Approx. ABV: 4.6%

Bitterness: 4/5

Hops included: Fuggle 14 g, Centennial 14 g

Makes: 20 L

Priming sugar included: Dextrose 100 g

Festival Brigadier Amber Ale

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