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The Harris Vinbrite Filter produces brilliantly clear wihnes quickly and easily, providing commercial clarity in homemade wines. It is designed to filter wine directly from a demijohn via the filter into a second demijohn. It requires the use of replaceable filter pads. There are 3 types of pads available for the Vinbrite Filter Kit: Crystalbrite Pads, Filtabrite Pads, and Prime Pads.


- Insert a pad into the filter body. The Crystalbrite pad may be fitted either way.
- Place the support disc on top of the pad.
- Ensure that the side marked “A” faces the filter pad and that the 3 lugs are located in the slots of the filter body
- Next, screw the locking ring into the filter body to secure the pad. Be careful not to cross the thread.
- Pour half a cupful of water over the pad to soften it. Then the locking ring MUST be tightened with the spanner provided.
- Attach the funnel to the filter body.
- Push the vent tube over the vent outlet making sure that the tap is closed.

Harris Vinbrite Mk.3 Filter

SKU: 5011646002216
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